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The Shumar+Walden Group, serving our clients since 1989. Combining the talent and experience of Dr. Joseph M. Shumar in estate planning, retirement and pension planning, risk management, asset preservation, and tax efficiency, with those of Marylan Walden Taylor, an experienced benefits consultant and Certified Retirement Coach, they form a potent team of trusted advisors and coaches that lead their clients along a lifelong path to financial security and peace of mind.

Our primary objectives are focusing on the areas of tax efficiency, principal protection in addition to a conservative growth approach.

Dr. Joseph M. Shumar:
Dr. Joseph M. Shumar is an Estate Planning Specialist by trade and an approved member of the National Ethics Bureau, an independent organization of insurance and financial advisors who have maintained an exemplary record of business ethics.

Specialties of his practice include retirement planning, estate planning, and wealth management with a concentration in asset preservation. Dr. Shumar is also a member of the National Association of Professional Agents.

Dr. Shumar holds both a Masters Degree and Doctoral Degree with a concentration in Insurance and Risk Management, as well as certifications in Executive Management, Supervisory Development, Bond Analysis & Portfolio Management and Credit Analysis.

His philosophy is: Short term performance shall never exceed long term planning.


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Willoughby, Ohio 44094
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Marylan Walden Taylor:

Marylan Walden Taylor, MBA is a Benefits Consultant with over twenty years of experience as well as a Certified Retirement Coach.

She has designed plans for the world famous Kentucky Horse Farms and numerous other corporate clients. Ms. Walden Taylor brings her broad professional knowledge and experience to the platform as a guest speaker and panelist at many major universities, corporations and organizations' for professional women.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Business, as well as a Masters Degree with a focus on Insurance and Risk Management. She also holds a certification in Business Management focusing on the professional woman.

Ms. Walden Taylor’s philosophy is: In an ever changing global economy, professional women and business go hand in hand. Women are at the forefront of an economic boom!