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"I came to Marylan & Dr. Joe through a referral from a Lifelong Friend. I knew they were the Advisors for me at our FIRST meeting. No one Had ever taken the time to listen and help me understand the complex World of finance. Working as a team, they play off each other's strengths. What a relief to find Advisors who are honorable, people. Dedicated to their Clients welfare. I rely on their knowledge and Professionalism."
Dr. Jacqueline R. , PhD, LPCC, Centerville, Ohio

"For years I avoided working with financial professionals for the simple reason of trust. The relationship I developed with Marylan and Dr. Joe grew out of trust and learning they did and do what they tell me they would do. After almost 20 years, I have learned they are Premier Consultants and Advisors. With years of Experience and Knowledge, They take the Stress out of talking about personal finances. I am proud to say that I am a Life Long Client."
Dorothy S., Burton, Ohio


35000 Kaiser Court, Suite 209
Willoughby, Ohio 44094
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"From my parents to my grandchildren, Marylan and Dr. Joe have protected and safley grown my family's assets. We are now into the fourth generation of working with The Shumar+Walden Group. I cannot imagine working with anyone else."
Patricia H., Kent, Ohio